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Republic of Maldives


Basic Information

・Capital : Malé

・Language : Maldivian

・Independence : 26 July 1965 from the United Kingdom

・Currency : Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)

1 MVR = 0.065 USD

・Time Zone : UTC +5 hours

・Area : 298 km²

・Population : 427,756

(As is April 2018)


▼2018/4/20 – 23

Cities: Malé, Kudahuvadhoo

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda myanmar

Basic Information

  • Capital : Naypyidaw
  • Language : Burmese
  • Religion : Theravāda Buddhism (87.9%)
  • Currency : Kyat (MMK)
    • 1 MMK =0.00075 USD
  • Time Zone : UTC +6:30 hours
  • Region : ASEAN
  • Area : 676,578 km²
  • Population : 53,582,855

(As is April 2018)



Cities: Yangon, Bagan


Cuba: Colorful and Nostalgic Scenary (9 days/ 7 nights)

cuba classic car

26 March –  3 April, 2018


Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Varadero

Basic info of Cuba


*Day 1(link) : Long flight & Havana & Salsa Lesson

 1:30 (SGT) 25 hour flight to Havana (Transit at Amsterdam)

15:05 (CDT) Arrive in Havana

16:30 – 18:30 City tour by classic car

18:30    Casa (House for home stay)

20:00 – 21:00 Salsa Lesson

*Day 2(link) : Travel to Vinales

8:30      Breakfast

 9:00 –  9:30 Buy Cuban Sim card

11:00 – 13:30 Drive to Vinales

14:00    Light Lunch

15:00 – 19:00 City Walk & Pool

20:00    Dinner

*Day 3(link) : Vinales Tobacco Farm & Sightseeing

 8:00      Breakfast

 9:20 – 14:00 Farm Walk

15:00 – 16:30 Cave

17:00 – 17:30 Painted Wall

18:30    Dinner

*Day 4(link) : Drive to Trinidad

 7:20      Breakfast

 8:20 – 16:00 Drive to Trinidad

18:00     Dinner

19:00 – 20:00 City Walk

*Day 5(link) : Trinidad & Iznaga

 8:00      Breakfast

 9:00 – 12:00 City Walk

12:30 – 16:30 Iznaga

17:00 – 18:00 Beach

20:00    Dinner

*Day 6(link) : Drive to Varadero & Beach

 8:00      Breakfast

 9:00 – 13:00 Drive to Varadero

14:30     Lunch

15:00 – 20:00 Beach

20:30    Dinner

*Day 7(link) : Drive to Havana & City Walk

 7:30      Breakfast

 8:30 – 10:15 Beach

11:00 – 13:00 Drive to Havana

16:00 – 16:45 Revolutionary Museum

17:00     Dinner at El Floridita Bar

20:00 – 21:30 El Morro

*Day 8(link) : Plaza de la Revolución & Flight back

 8:00      Breakfast

 9:30 – 10:30 Plaza de la Revolución

13:45 – 14:30 Drive to Airport

16:40     Flight Back to Amsterdam

*Day 9(link) : 12 hour stay in Amsterdam

 8:00      Arrived in Amsterdam

10:00 – 10:45 Keukenhof Park

11:30 – 12:00 Train to the city central

12:15 – 12:50 Lunch

13:00 – 14:00 Pancake

15:00 – 16:00 National Museum

16:30 – 17:00 Zaanse Schans

18:00 – 18:30 City Walk

19:00    Airport

21:00    Flight to Singapore


Flight from Singapore

Outbound :  26 March 2018 (Mon)

Singapore SIN 1:30 – Amsterdam AMS 8:25  (KL0836)  13 hours

Amsterdam AMS 10:20 – Havana HAV 14:35  (KL0723)  10 hours

Return :  2 April 2018 (Mon)

Havana HAV 16:40 – Amsterdam AMS 8:05 /3 April (KL0724)

Amsterdam AMS 21:00/ 3 April – Singapore SIN 15:35/ 4 April   (KL0835)


Republic of Cuba


Basic Information

・Capital : Havana

・Language : Spanish

・Currency : Peso (CUC)

1 CUC = 1 USD

・Time Zone : UTC -5 hours

・Area : 110,860km²

・Population : 11,239,363

(As is March 2018)


▼2018/3/26 – 4/2

Cities: Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Varadero

Cuba: Colorful and Nostalgic Scenary (9 days/ 7 nights)


Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace


Basic Information

・Capital : Bandar Seri Begawan

・Language : Malay

・Religion : Sunni Islam

・Currency : Brunei dollar (BND)

1 BND = 0.76 USD / 1 SGD

・Time Zone : UTC +8 hours

・Region : ASEAN

・Area : 5,76 km²

・Population : 417,200

(As is April 2018)


▼2017/11/10 – 12

City: Bandar Seri Begawan

Tibet 1 : Chongqing Transit & Lhasa


Today is basically a traveling day to Lhasa.

As I had 9 hours for transit at Chongqing, I walked around a bit.


0:35 Flight: Singapore to Chongqing

5:00 Arrive in Chongqing

7:20 Wang Xian Mian

8:15 Hongyadong

11:00 Come back to Chongqing Airport

12:00 Receive Tibet Visa

14:25 Flight: Chongqing to Lhasa

17:00 Arrive in Lhasa

19:00 Arrive at our hotel in Lhasa city

20:00 Dinner


Tibet : Monasteries and Mount Everest (9 days/ 7 nights)

mt everest

23 -30 September, 2017


Chongqing, Lhasa, Gyangtse, Shigatse (China)

Basic Info of China


Day 1 : Chongqing Transit & Lhasa

 0:35 Flight: Singapore to Chongqing

 5:00 Arrive in Chongqing

 8:15 Hongyadong

14:25 Flight: Chongqing to Lhasa

17:00 Arrive in Lhasa

*Day 2(link) : Drepung Monestry & Sera Monastery (Lhasa)

10:30 Drepung Monastery

15:00 Sera Monastery

*Day 3(link) : Potala Palace & Jokhang Temple (Lhasa)

 10:30 Potala Palace

14:00 Jokhang Temple

*Day 4(link) : Road trip to Shigatse (Lhasa/ Gyangtse/ Shigatse)

11:45 Yamdrok Lake

17:30 Palkor Monastery

20:30 Shigatse

*Day 5(link) : Mt. Everest Base Camp

 8:30 Road trip

19:15 Everest Base Camp

20:30 Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse

*Day 6(link) : Road trip for return

 5:00 Leave from Guesthouse

14:30 Arrive in Shigatse

*Day 7(link) : Tashilunpo Monastery (Shigatse/ Lhasa)

 9:30 Tashilumpo Monastery

11:30 Leave from Shigatse

18:30 Arrive in Lhasa

*Day 8 : Chongqing Airport Terminal 3

11:00 Flight: Lhasa to Chongqing

18:30 Flight: Chongqing to Singapore


Flight from Singapore

Outbound :  23 September (Sat)

Singapore SIN 0:35 – Chongqing CKG 5:05  (China West Airlines 6358)

Chongqing CKG 14:25 – Lhasa LXA 17:15 (China West Airlines 6391)

Return :  30 September 2017 (Sat)

Lhasa LXA 11:00 – Chongqing CKG 13:30 (China West Airlines 6272)

Chongqing CKG 18:30 – Singapore SIN 23:35 (China West Airlines 6357)


Koh Samui 3 : Koh Madsum Private Tour

Madsum Matsum マドソム


Koh Madsum

8:30 Breakfast@ Mercure Hotel

9:20  Tour pick up

10:00  Boat

10:30 Snorkeling around Koh Tan

11:15  Koh Madsum

12:00 Lunch

12:50 Leave from Koh Mudsum

13:10 Reached Koh Samui

14:10 Samui International Airport

16:35 Flight back



After we had breakfast at the hotel, we left for the tour we booked.

“Koh Madsum private tour”

Tour Company: Backpacker Samui Travel Group

Boat (3 hours upon requested timing) + Snorkeling, Kayaking, Lunch, Water

Tour itself: 4500 bhat for 2 of us

Transportation (Hotel−Port/Port–Airport) : 700 bhat

Total:5200 bhat (160 USD)


Koh Madsum ( or it is also written as Koh Matsum) is located 30 minutes boat ride from the South coast of Koh Samui.

1 hour drive to the port first.

Then, we boarded this small boat 🙂

Madsum Matsum マドソム

At first we were sitting at the middle, and we got wet harder than expected…

I would recommend to sit at the front.



We snorkeled around Koh Tan, an island next to Koh Madsum.

There were not so many kinds, but there were a lot.

I would say the visibility was around 10m.

After we enjoyed there for 30 minutes, we headed to Koh Madsum.



The island and the ocean were so beautiful!

There were around 20 other people at most, who came under the different tour.

As Koh Madsum is not so well-known, it is not crowded at all and you can have completely relaxing time there.

Matsum Madsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソムMadsum Matsum マドソム

Until noon, when we were served lunch,

we took pictures, tried kayaking, and enjoyed the sea.

Madsum Matsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソム

They also let us use their towel.

And these beach chairs were awesome.

I wish I could have stayed for the entire day….

Madsum Matsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソム

This is how the lunch looked like. It was big portion, and nice.

Madsum Matsum マドソム


Madsum Matsum マドソム

Sadly we had to leave from this beautiful island….



samui airport サムイ空港 samui airport 空港

We arrived at Samui airport.

An interesting thing is that there is the only checkin place for both domestic and international flights.

Samui airport is very open, and it remind me of shopping centers in America.

As we had enough time, we had this American sweets.

samui airport

Even after the departure from the country, it was like a resort hotel.

And you can take free drink and food at the gate even if you are using economy class.


samui airport サムイ空港 samui airport サムイ空港

Tram took us to the airplane. I hate but it is time to flight back to Singapore..

samui airport サムイ空港 bangkok airways airplane

It was only a short stay, but I could visit many and felt refleshed!

Koh Samui 2 : Lunch, Beach & Samui Festival

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ



12:45 Lunch@ Jungle Club

15:00 Chaweng Beach

19:00 Samui Festival

20:00 Stylish Thai Tapas Bar

21:30 Massage



Spent relaxing morning at the villa, and went out quite late.

Villa ビラ Villa ビラ

We took a taxi and headed to The Jungle Club at Chaweng for lunch.


The restaurant is located on the hill, and the driver told us she couldn’t go up,

and we changed to the safari car Jungle Club offered.

The round trip costed 200 baht (6 USD).

It went through steep hill, and it was like an attraction at an amusement park.

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ




It is a restaurant inside the hotel, but you can enjoy even if you won’t stay.

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

There is a pool at the right side, and..

Jungle Club  ジャングルクラブ

You will find the entrance of the restaurant soon.

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

First, you will find stylish sofa, then..

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

You will see the great view!

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

It is very open and relaxing.

If you are an Instagramer, you will enjoy a lot 🙂


They serve both Thai and Western food.

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ

Hammock would be a great choice if you want to relax after enjoying your food.

Jungle Club ジャングルクラブ


Their safari car drove us to our hotel at Chaweng.

It costed 400 baht (12 USD) including going down the hill.


Today we stay at Mercure hotel.

Mercure Samui Chaweng Tana

Mercure hotel



We dropped our luggage there, and headed to the beach.

Chaweng チャウエン

Well, we didn’t know that luckily they have”Samui Festival” tonight.

So… they were busy with preparing, and the beach was not relaxing..

Chaweng チャウエン Chaweng チャウエン

The water was warm, and shallow.


Later we tried the pool at our hotel, and went out for night beach.

We decided to take a look at Samui Festival.


It seems that Samui Festival is for celebrating Koh Samui’s 120th anniversary.

There are a lot of food stands along the beach.



We surprisingly found that the food there was all free!

The stands were offered by hotels and restaurants, and quality was really good.

As we came late (around 7 pm), the buffet was almost ending,

but we were satisfied with many kinds of Thai food (with no charge)!

Samui Festival Samui Festival

Later I found that it was 2.5km and set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Buffet.

Samui Festival 2017 sets Guinness World Record for largest buffet


As we were still a bit peckish, we were looking for some good place to eat, and found a stylish Thai Tapas bar.

It was a bar at Library hotel.

All the tapas cost 99 baht (3 USD).

Library Tapas Library Tapas

There are lots of dishes Instagram would love.

Library Tapas Library Tapas


My flight tomorrow is at 4.30 pm.

We wondered if we could do anything and saw some tour agencies.

The regular tour comes back around 4 pm, and it was not so easy.

At the 3rd agency, we found that they provide private tour to Koh Mat Sum, and we decided.

The tour was amazing!

Please find the details at the next article 🙂


We had foot massage. Many shops provide foot massage with 200-250 baht (6 – 7.5 USD).

We were refreshed, and back to the hotel.

Koh Samui 1 : Fisherman’s Village

Fisherman's Village フィッシャーマンズビレッジ


21:00 Arrival

21:30 Local Dinner@ Fisherman’s Village


My first flight with Bangkok Airways (direct flight!) brought me to Koh Samui from Singapore in 2 hours.


It seems that they serve meal even for 1 hour flight between Bangkok and Koh Samui.


Bangkok Airways バンコクエアウェイズ Bangkok Airways バンコクエアウェイズ


I arrived at Samui International Airport at 9ish (PM),

and I bought Sim card there. 5 day Sim costs around 6 dollars.


Then, I headed to Fisherman’s Village.

You can take either taxi or mini bus from the airport,

and the shared mini bus is cheaper. They will drop you at the place you request.

I reached Fisherman’s Village in 10 minutes.

Fisherman's Village フィッシャーマンズビレッジ

I was lucky to catch night market there, because they have one only on Fridays!

Fisherman's Village フィッシャーマンズビレッジ Fisherman's Village フィッシャーマンズビレッジ

You can find many kinds of fancy/ reasonable restaurants and spas.

We tried local Thai restaurant right at the entrance gate.

Thai food is always good even if not pricey.


I stayed at this wonderful villa with other 5 people by using Airbnb.Villa ビラ Villa ビラ

Koh Samui, Thailand : Relaxing Weekend (3 days/ 2 nights)


Koh Samui Trip : 8 – 10 Sep, 2017

A weekend trip to Koh Samui from Friday night to Sunday night.
As the main purpose was to meet my friend, I haven’t planned in details beforehand,

but I had amazing experience after all 🙂


Koh Samui



Day 1 : Flight & Dinner

21:00 Arrive

21:30 Local Dinner@ Fisherman’s Village

Day 2 : Lunch with Amazing View & Beach & Samui Festival

12:45 Lunch@ Jungle Club

15:00 Chaweng Beach

19:00 Samui Festival

20:00 Stylish Thai Tapas Bar

21:30 Massage

Day 3 : Private Island Tour

9:00 Mat Sum Island

16:30 Flight


★Flight (about 2 hours)

Outbound : 8 Sep (Fri)

Singapore SIN 8:08pm –Ko Samui USM 8:55pm   (Bangkok Airways flight 962)

Return: 10 Sep (Sun)

Ko Samui USM 4:24pm –Singapore SIN 7:35pm   (Bangkok Airways flight 961)

Dubai 3 : Abu Dhabi Day Trip

Sheikh Zayed

(Solo) day trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

There are buses regularly and it is easy to go by yourself without any tour.


8:30      Ibn Battuta Bus Station

↓ 8:50 – 10:30 Bus E101 (1 hr 40 mins)

10:30    Reached Abu Dhabi

↓ Taxi (15 mins)

11:00 – 11:40 Palace Cappuccino@ Emirates Palace

↓ Taxi (20 mins)

12:00 – 13:00 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

↓ Taxi (25 mins)

13:20 – 15:50 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

↓ Taxi (1 hour)

17:00     Atlantis, the Palm (hotel @ Dubai)

19:00    Dubai International Airport



To the bus station from hotel (Atlantis, the Palm).

If you go to Abu Dhabi by taxi directly, it costs around 220Dh (60 USD), while bus costs only 35Dh (9.5 USD).


There are 2 bus stations you can use to Abu Dhabi: Al Ghubaida (E100) or Ibn Battuta (E101).

The former is closer to Dubai city, while the latter is closer to Abu Dhabi.

As my home, Atlantis, the Palm, was closer to Ibn Battuta, I chose that.

I took Uber to the bus station, but you can take train as the train station is just the next door.



Buy the ticket at the counter, and wait in the line for E101 (to Abu Dhabi).

It seems that there are buses around every 30 minutes.

It showed the next bus was 9:00, but it left around 8:50.

The road was surrounded by desert.



After 1.5 hours, I arrived at the bus terminal at Abu Dhabi (the next to Al Wahda Mall).

My miscalculation was that we could not use Uber in Abu Dhabi (as is Sep 2017).

It seems that there were their service there previously, but currently not. I didn’t expect that because we used in Dubai…

As taxi only takes cash, I stopped by at ATM and take a taxi to Emirates Palace Hotel.


After 13 minutes ride, here I come.


The inside was just “Gold”.

I came here for Palace Cappuccino at Le Cafe.

It cost 60Dh (16USD). It came with original chocolate and date.

The cappuccino tasted.. normal 🙂

I’ve heard that there used to have a vending machine selling gold, but not any more.



Took a taxi for the main purpose of this trip, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It took 18 minutes from Emirates Palace.

The mosque was built in 2007, and very new.

White building with flowers, gorgeous chandelier and carpets… It was just perfect!

Glad that I could visit here.

I stayed for 1 hour, and felt refreshed.

As I was wearing Abaya (rent for free), it was pretty hot…. though.


Then took a taxi for 20 minutes, to the next destination.


I reached Ferrari World Abu Dhabi at Yas Island.

I don’t know much about Ferrari or Formula one actually… but as I am going to watch F1 in Singapore this month, I decided to visit there.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

First, you need to buy a ticket.

There were 3 kinds: Bronze, Silver, Gold, but I chose Bronze, the cheapest one. It cost 275Dh (80 USD).

The expensive ones allow you to ride with priority.

It was Sunday but was not crowded, so Bronze was the right choice I would say.


The one I thought I had to try was this.

“Formula Rossa”, the world’s fastest coaster!


The maximum speed is 240km/h, and you have to wear protecting glasses.

To be honest, I am not a big fun of roller coasters, but I have to try if it is No.1 in the world.

The waiting time was only 10 minutes.


I was very nervous when I was sitting and waiting for the start.

But talking with the next person how nervous we were made me feel a bit easier.

It was accelerated rapidly, but after the acceleration at the beginning, it was not that scary and I could enjoy the ride.

I feel more scared by Tower of Terror at Tokyo Disney Sea.

Now I have tried the world’s fastest ride, I don’t have anything to be afraid 😀


After I was released by the nervousness, I realized that it was already past 2pm, and I was starving since I only had cappuccino since morning.

I had this pasta at the Italian restaurant inside the park. was good!

It seems that there are more than 40 attractions.

The below is Ferrari Go-Kart.


As my time was limited, I only tried 2 more rides.

Formula one simulator, “Scuderia Challenge”.

You compete with 7 other participants. It is similar to Mario Kart, but the body moves linked with your handle and accelerator and feels more real.

I won the 3rd position at the race.

The last ride I tried was Driving with the Champion.

It wad like Star Wars attraction at Disneyland.

The story was that a F1 racer invite you to sit next to bim, and you experience how is it to sit in the race car.


I had to leave because of my flight at night, but you would be able to spend more because there are much more rides and you won’t wait so much.



I left from Ferrari World.

Ferrari World is located closer to Dubai compared from Abu Dhabi city.

If I would choose bus to go back, I need to take a taxi for 30 minutes further from Dubai then have to take a bus for 2 hours.

If I take a taxi, it only takes 1 hour.

I chose a taxi which cost 196Dh (60 USD).


Came back to Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai.

Abu Dhabi is easy to visit from Dubai, and has a lot to see, so I would recommend to include your Dubai trip!



Now it is time to go back.

Lastly we tried monorail.

Palm Monorail, Dubai


Currently they only had 3 stations, and the line was very short.

The rail station was not well-known, and it was hard to call uber.

I felt the monorail was not the must thing.



We reached Dubai International Airport Terminal 3. There were few choices to eat. It seemed that many were under construction.


There were lottaries.

People can win a car or a bike or etc.

If you win, they provide you with airplane ticket and high class hotel to receive the prize.

That is the thing Dubai would do 🙂


My Dubai and Abu Dhabi trip is over here 🙂

Dubai 2 : Gold Souk, Burj Khalifa and Hotels



9:55       Leave Carlton Downtown Hotel

↓ Uber (10 mins)

10:05 – 10:15     Jumeirah Mosque (from outside)

↓ Uber (15 mins)

10:30 – 11:15        Gold Souk/ Spice Souk

↓ Boat (10 mins)

11:25 – 11:35       Textile Souk


13:00 – 16:00 Gorgeous Lunch@Burj Al Arab

↓ Uber (20 mins)

16:30 – 17:30 Atlantis, the Palm (check-in)

↓ Uber (40mins)

18:30 – 20:00 Burj Khalifa 124, 125 floor

↓ Uber (40mins)

21:00 –     Aquarium, Dinner, Bar@Atlantis, the Palm


Breakfast@ Carlton Downtown, where we stayed.

The latte was cute 😉

First, we stopped by at Jumeirah Mosque.

There is a tour which enables you to go inside the mosque from 9:45 am,

but we just saw it from outside this time.

Then, we headed to Gold Souk.

Souk means market/ street in Arabic.

At one of the shops, “Damas Jewellery”,  you can find the largest golden ring in the world.

It was a huge lump of gold rather than a ring…


After we walked around and saw spices

and lamps.

We took a boat to go back to the other side. It costed 1Dh/ person.


Then, we headed to Burj Al Arab to have gorgeous lunch there.

You have to stay or book a restaurant beforehand to enter.

We have booked “Al Muntaha” a French restaurant on the 27th floor the day before.

There the cost would be 700Dh〜/ person.


Here is the hotel entrance.


And we went up to 27th floor.

Gorgeous 360 degree ocean view!


Then, we move to Atlantis, the Palm, where we stay tonight.

It was like the world of the Little Mermaid♡

They have water park and aquarium inside.

We reached the hotel around 4:30 pm, but it was very crowded and check-in took almost 1 hour…

But the room was so pretty!

Then, we headed to Burj Khalifa, because we had reservation at 6pm there to see the sunset.

We took Uber to Burj Khalifa and reached at the bottom of the tower. The entrance was, however, inside Dubai Mall.

So we had to walk around 30 minutes to get there…

Remember to go to Dubai Mall when you visit Burj Khalifa.


We have booked the ticket online beforehand.

The price differs whether you go to the top or to 125th floor, and we chose up to 125th.

The most popular timing should be during the sunset.

We went back to Atlantis, the Palm hotel, and visited aquarium.

As we stay there, we could enter for free.

Later, we had dinner at Ronda Locatelli, an Italian restaurant.

And we spent some time at the nice bar and finished the day.

Dubai 1 : Bastakiya & Desert Safari


The first day of this Dubai trip.


10:00       Breakfast@ Arabian Tea House, Bastakiya

11:30 – 12:00 Walk around Bastakiya

12:00    Camel Steak@ Local House, Bastakiya


14:30 – 21:00 Dessert Safari

22:00 – 23:30 Fountain Show, Dubai Mall


For the first destination, we chose “Bastakiya”.

Different from the gorgeous image of Dubai, there are traditional buildings left.

There are lots of cute cafes and restaurants, so it should be good place to go for girls.


We had Arabian breakfast at Arabian Tea House.

The restaurant is so pretty!


The staff told us 1 set should be enough for sharing with 2-3 people,

we three decided to order this 1 set, and add some bread.

This set was 60 Dh (18 USD).

Especially Hummus was really good 🙂


Then, we walked around.

There are a few cafes with art gallery inside.

We went inside one of them: Al Serkal Cultural Foundation.

I wanted to take a look at the shop inside, but unfortunately it was closed on that day.



Around this area, there are some wall arts, so they can be nice photo spots.

The temperature was around 40 degrees.

The entire district is white, and very hot because of the reflected heat…

It is hard to walk around for a long time.


We were not that hungry, but had small lunch.

We decided to try camel steak at Local House, next to the restaurant we went in the morning.


The menu was quite impressive.

You can choose from many kinds of meat.

I wanted to try more, but my stomach allowed camel steak only this time.





(Cox & Kings Tours LLC)

US$ 52/ person





  • 砂丘ドライブ
  • らくだファーム
  • 夕日観賞
  • 砂漠キャンプ(らくだ乗り、バギー、サンドボード、ヘナ、水タバコなどを体験できます)
  • 夕飯ビュッフェ
  • ダンスショー






噴水ショーを観ました。Mission in Possible!




分かりやすい噴水エリアのPickup Pointを選んだ方がよさそうでした。


Dubai, UAE : Gorgeous Hotels, Desert, Mosque, Ferrari, and more (5 days/ 3 nights)


1 Sep (Fri) was Hari Raya Haji(Festival of Sacrifice) and we had a longer weekend,

so we made a trip to Dubai.


★Flight (7 hours)

Outbound :  31 August (Thu)

Emirates flight 355

Singapore SIN 9:40pm – Dubai DXB 12:25am (+1)

Return :  3 September (Sun)

Emirates flight 352

Dubai DXB 9:23pm – Singapore SIN 8:52am (+1)




10:00 Breakfast@ Arabian Tea House

11:30 Walk around Bastakiya

12:00 Camel Steak@ Local House

14:30 Desert Safari

22:00 Fountain Show, Dubai Mall


10:00 Jumeirah Mosque

10:30 Gold Souk/ Spice Souk

11:30 Textile Souk

13:00 Gorgeous Lunch@ Burj Al Arab

18:30 Burj Khalifa to 124, 125 floor

21:00 Aquarium, Dinner, Bar@ Atlantis, the Palm


8:30   Ibn Battuta Bus Station

10:30 Arrived in Abu Dhabi

11:00  Golden Cappuccino@ Emirates Palace

12:00 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

13:20  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

17:00 Atlantis, the Palm

Bangkok 2 : Temple & Shopping



7:30 Breakfast@ Lebua at State Tower

9:00 Wat Arun

10:00 Wat Pho

11:20 Photogenic Ice Cream

13:00 Shopping@ Siam

16:30 Flight


The 2nd day of Photogenic Trip in Bangkok.


Woke up and had wonderful breakfast at Lebua at State Tower.

Look how they arrange food nicely! They also have lots of bread choices.

 lebua lebua lebua  lebua 

I had at the nice poolside table.


After said good bye to the nice view from room,


I left for temples.

Last time I tried to visit the three famous temples in Bangkok,

but I could only visit Wat Phra Kaew because of the time.

So, this time, I went to Wat Arun and Wat Pho.


Took Uber from hotel and arrived at Wat Arun.

Wat Arun is more like Hindi, and it has relaxed atmosphere.

Wat Arun Wat Arun   Wat Arun Wat Arun


Then, I took a boat to cross Chao Phraya River. (3 bahts)

And here is Wat Pho.

This temple is famous for sleeping Buddha.

It is said that the Buddha is 46 meters long.

wat pho

The Buddha was too big to capture in one photo.


There were 108 pots behind the Buddha.

You can buy coins with 20 bahts, and put in pots.

The coins represent worldly desires, and they will be removed by putting coins in the pots.

wat pho

The main temple had a lots of Buddha.

wat pho 

Also, there were 4 Statues, which representing historical kings.

Wat Pho


After the temples, I headed to Siam district by tuk tuk.

This is what I have wanted to have at Bonca Cookie Ice Cream.

bonca bonca

You can choose macarons, ice cream and toppings.

It seems that they have random characters every day.


There was also a cute duck cafe nearby.

D.Duck Cafe

b duck cafe

Siam District has lots of fashionable goods and clothes you cannot find in Tokyo or Singapore, and it was very exciting.

The ice creams at a shopping center were cute too!

I had lunch at Som Tam Nua.

som tam nua

After I did some shopping, and went back to the hotel to pick up my luggage, and headed to the airport.

The trip was very refreshing to find lots of cute and beautiful things!

Bangkok 1 : Photogenic Cafe, Dinner & Bar

featherstone bangkok


17:00 Arrive in Bangkok

18:00 Photogenic Cafe

20:00 Photogenic Dinner

22:00 Lebua at State Tower


Today I only have one night, I will be in a bit rush.

After I reached airport at 5 pm, I directly went to the photogenic cafe.

Feather Stone Bistro Cafe & Lifestyle Shop


The restaurant is quite relaxing.

I ordered Lavender Lemonade.

featherstone bangkok

The big bottle had tasty lemonade in it, while the little one saying “Drink Me” had lavender syrup.

The ice cubes in the glass contained fruits and flowers and very cute!

I would say the most photogenic lemonade in Bangkok 🙂


This time, I stayed at Lebua at State Tower well known as the hotel in “The Hangover Part 2.”

All the rooms there were suite type! I chose the hotel because I had points from Hotels.com and could stay for almost free.

The view from balcony was amazing, but I will talk about it later.

I left my luggage and rested a bit, and went for photogenic dinner.


I tried “Modern Thai” cuisine.

The restaurant I chose was OSHA.


The inside was gorgeous.


They served welcome drink and appetizer.



The first dish was Scallop Floral Salad.

This IS photogenic.


And the next was my favorite, Tom Yam Kung.


They cook in front of us using siphon.

When they heat the soup with burner, the soup below goes up and is mixed with leaves. It was sooo good!


The main was this fish.


It looks normal, but the fish is fresh and tastes amazing.

The food there was not only for photo, but it was actually high quality.

Hope I can visit again sometime.


Headed back to Lebua at State Tower Hotel.

And, this is the view from balcony of the room.



Lebua at State Tower is famous for roof top bar called “SIROCCO” located on the 63th floor.

lebua lebua

It was very popular and crowded.

If you want to enjoy the view with relaxing atmosphere,  maybe it is better to reserve the table at the restaurant.

Bangkok, Thailand : Photogenic Travel (2 days 1 night)


6 -7 May 2018 

As I had to transit at Bangkok during Bhutan trip, I decided to stay in Bangkok for 1 night additionally.

The theme of this trip is “Photogenic.”

Basic info of Thailand


Day 1 : Photogenic Foods

17:00 Arrived in  Bangkok

18:00 Photogenic Cafe

20:00 Photogenic Dinner

22:00 Lebua at State Tower

Day 2 : Temple & Shopping

  9:00 Wat Arun

10:00 Wat Pho

11:20 Photogenic Ice Cream

13:00 Shopping@ Siam

16:30 Flight back


Outbound : 2017/5/6 (Sat) from Paro, Bhutan

Druk Air flight KB140 (5 hours/ including 40 minute wait in Guwahati)

Paro PBH 11:30am – Bangkok BKK 17:05 pm

Return : 2017/5/7 (Sun)

Thai AirAsia flight 351

Bangkok DMK 4:47pm – Singapore SIN 8:05pm