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2024/06/19   2024/06/25

The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival is one of three major fireworks festivals in Japan, attracting more than 1 million visitors each year.

In this article, I will introduce what to bring and how to access to the venue.

    What to bring

    Since the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival attracts a large number of visitors, it is difficult to rush to prepare what you need on the spot, so make sure you are well prepared. Here are some things you will need on the day of the event and things that are useful to have with you.


    What you MUST have it the tickets. If you have paper tickets, make sure you won’t forget them.

    長岡花火 チケット

    Picnic sheet (Packing tape & Cussion)

    Some venues do not have chairs and you need to bring your own picnic sheets. Check in advance whether you will need one to be prepared.

    Placing stones or other objects to hold the sheets is prohibited. Bring along packing tape to hold it. In addition, bringing a cushion will make it more comfortable to watch the fireworks for quite a long time.

    Portable power bank

    Crowded places will consume cell phone batteries faster than usual. A mobile battery is indispensable so that you can enjoy your visit without worry even if you unexpectedly want to take a lot of photos or videos!

    Offical mobile app

    There is a official mobile app you can download on your phone. You can easily access the program, venue map, and other information needed on the day of the event, even when you are offline. Since it is difficult to get a signal at the venue, make sure to download it in advance.

    Camera & Tripod & Shutter release

    If you want to take beautiful pictures of fireworks, I recommend using a camera, tripod, and shutter release. However, the maximum height for a tripod is sitting height. Be sure not to disturb the people around you.

    Hat or Parasol

    Since you will be walking to the venue and staying outside, I recommend that you take careful precautions against sunburn and heat stroke. Remember to bring a hat or parasol.

    Face towel

    It is useful to bring a face towel to wipe sweat and for sun protection.

    Wet wipes

    It would be convenient to bring wet wipes with you for eating at the venue.


    It is a good idea to have it with you in case of sudden rain. During the fireworks, umbrellas are not allowed as they will disturb the surroundings.


    It is important is to search in advance for information you want to see at the site and take screenshots, such as how to return or how to take good pictures of fireworks, etc.
    In many cases, there is no signal inside the venue due to congestion.

    Access on foot from Nagaoka Station

    The nearest station for Nagaoka Fireworks Festival vanue is Nagaoka Station, Niigata.

    It takes 30 minutes to the venue A from the station, while an hour to the venue B because you have to cross the bridge. Please make sure that you have enough time to get there.

    The bridges will be closed for some time, so head there beforehand.

    Ne pedestrian traffic time (2023)

    • Ote Bridge 18:50 〜 22:00
    • Chosei Bridge 20:00 〜 20:45

    Prepare return ticket beforehand

    After the event, the way to the Nagaoka station is very crowded, and lines begin to form on the way. It is difficult to purchase a return ticket on the spot, so it is safe to prepare a return ticket in advance.

    Reports and tips

    Here the article introduces how it is like based on my own experience in 2023.