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2024/07/06   2024/07/07

Are you looking for reasonable and great local restaurants in Tokyo? Then, you should try Torikatsu Chicken in Shibuya. For a Japanese who has lived in Tokyo for more than 30 years, this restaurant is a favorite of mine and I have been there many times.

Located a 6-minute walk from the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, it is a convenient place to stop by while sightseeing.

The restaurant opened in 1977, and it has a retro Japanese atmosphere with a sense of history.

Torikatsu Chicken specializes in cutlets – deep fried meat and vegetables. It offers Teishoku menu, the classic Japanese set meal comes with the main, miso soup and rice. For the main, you can pick and mix from 11 meat and vegetable cutlet options such as chicken, pork, ham, squid, croquette, egg plant, onion etc.

The pricing is simple: The set menu with two cutlets is ¥800, three is ¥1,000 and four is ¥1,250. There are lots of customers from other countries and it has English menu, so you don’t need to worry.

The most recommended choice is the chicken cutlet, which is also the name of the restaurant. I always choose two of the chicken cutlets and sometimes add a croquette. The sauce and mustard go well with cutlets. They are best eaten with rice! And don’t forget to try the free pickles, they are great too.

The restaurant doesn’t take reservations and sometimes there is a line. Turnover is fast, so wait times are relatively short.

Torikatsu Chicken

Hours: Mon 11am-3pm / Tue-Sat 11am-8pm

Tel: +81 3-3461-0298

Address: Miyakoji Bldg 2F2-16-19 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-kuTokyo