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Madsum Matsum マドソム


Koh Madsum

8:30 Breakfast@ Mercure Hotel

9:20  Tour pick up

10:00  Boat

10:30 Snorkeling around Koh Tan

11:15  Koh Madsum

12:00 Lunch

12:50 Leave from Koh Mudsum

13:10 Reached Koh Samui

14:10 Samui International Airport

16:35 Flight back



After we had breakfast at the hotel, we left for the tour we booked.

“Koh Madsum private tour”

Tour Company: Backpacker Samui Travel Group

Boat (3 hours upon requested timing) + Snorkeling, Kayaking, Lunch, Water

Tour itself: 4500 bhat for 2 of us

Transportation (Hotel−Port/Port–Airport) : 700 bhat

Total:5200 bhat (160 USD)


Koh Madsum ( or it is also written as Koh Matsum) is located 30 minutes boat ride from the South coast of Koh Samui.

1 hour drive to the port first.

Then, we boarded this small boat 🙂

Madsum Matsum マドソム

At first we were sitting at the middle, and we got wet harder than expected…

I would recommend to sit at the front.



We snorkeled around Koh Tan, an island next to Koh Madsum.

There were not so many kinds, but there were a lot.

I would say the visibility was around 10m.

After we enjoyed there for 30 minutes, we headed to Koh Madsum.



The island and the ocean were so beautiful!

There were around 20 other people at most, who came under the different tour.

As Koh Madsum is not so well-known, it is not crowded at all and you can have completely relaxing time there.

Matsum Madsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソムMadsum Matsum マドソム

Until noon, when we were served lunch,

we took pictures, tried kayaking, and enjoyed the sea.

Madsum Matsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソム

They also let us use their towel.

And these beach chairs were awesome.

I wish I could have stayed for the entire day….

Madsum Matsum マドソム Madsum Matsum マドソム

This is how the lunch looked like. It was big portion, and nice.

Madsum Matsum マドソム


Madsum Matsum マドソム

Sadly we had to leave from this beautiful island….



samui airport サムイ空港 samui airport 空港

We arrived at Samui airport.

An interesting thing is that there is the only checkin place for both domestic and international flights.

Samui airport is very open, and it remind me of shopping centers in America.

As we had enough time, we had this American sweets.

samui airport

Even after the departure from the country, it was like a resort hotel.

And you can take free drink and food at the gate even if you are using economy class.


samui airport サムイ空港 samui airport サムイ空港

Tram took us to the airplane. I hate but it is time to flight back to Singapore..

samui airport サムイ空港 bangkok airways airplane

It was only a short stay, but I could visit many and felt refleshed!