The first day of this Dubai trip.


10:00       Breakfast@ Arabian Tea House, Bastakiya

11:30 – 12:00 Walk around Bastakiya

12:00    Camel Steak@ Local House, Bastakiya


14:30 – 21:00 Dessert Safari

22:00 – 23:30 Fountain Show, Dubai Mall


For the first destination, we chose “Bastakiya”.

Different from the gorgeous image of Dubai, there are traditional buildings left.

There are lots of cute cafes and restaurants, so it should be good place to go for girls.


We had Arabian breakfast at Arabian Tea House.

The restaurant is so pretty!


The staff told us 1 set should be enough for sharing with 2-3 people,

we three decided to order this 1 set, and add some bread.

This set was 60 Dh (18 USD).

Especially Hummus was really good 🙂


Then, we walked around.

There are a few cafes with art gallery inside.

We went inside one of them: Al Serkal Cultural Foundation.

I wanted to take a look at the shop inside, but unfortunately it was closed on that day.



Around this area, there are some wall arts, so they can be nice photo spots.

The temperature was around 40 degrees.

The entire district is white, and very hot because of the reflected heat…

It is hard to walk around for a long time.


We were not that hungry, but had small lunch.

We decided to try camel steak at Local House, next to the restaurant we went in the morning.


The menu was quite impressive.

You can choose from many kinds of meat.

I wanted to try more, but my stomach allowed camel steak only this time.





(Cox & Kings Tours LLC)

US$ 52/ person





  • 砂丘ドライブ
  • らくだファーム
  • 夕日観賞
  • 砂漠キャンプ(らくだ乗り、バギー、サンドボード、ヘナ、水タバコなどを体験できます)
  • 夕飯ビュッフェ
  • ダンスショー






噴水ショーを観ました。Mission in Possible!




分かりやすい噴水エリアのPickup Pointを選んだ方がよさそうでした。


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