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Sadly, today is the last day in Bhutan.


11:30 Leave from Paro, Bhutan

17:05 Arrive at Bangkok

Continued to Bangkok trip



We woke up and had breakfast at house.

bhutanese food

Egg, Rice and Eze.

Very simple but so good! I missed this Bhutan food already.

I made up my mind that I would make Bhutanese food after I get back.


The children showed us Bhutanese mask their father made.

We saied good bye to the family, and left for the airport.

The father brought 3 suits cases on his back.


Walked around this town a bit


Then, here we were at the airport.

paro airport

I bought Eze at the airport, but the ones I had during the trip were way better…

Well, I have to make by myself.


druk air

I felt quite sad to think that it is not easy to come back again here, and this might be the last time.

It was a great trip surrounded by nature, spicy food and nice people.


After that I stayed in Bangkok for one day. Check out the next!